mercredi 7 décembre 2016

Note de lecture

Insomnie brève cette nuit.
Je la soigne avec la lecture de Virginia Woolf et tombe sur un fulgurant passage de ses mémoires A Sketch of the Past, où elle relate une agression sexuelle subie quand elle était toute petite:
"Once, when I was very small, Gerald Duckworth lifted me onto the slab outside the dining room for standing dishes upon and as I sat there he began to explore my body. I can remember the feel of his hand going under my clothes; going firmly and steadily lower and lower. I remember how I hoped that he would stop, how I stiffened and wriggled as his hand approached my private parts. But it did not stop. His hand explored my private parts too. I remember resenting, disliking it - what is the word for so dumb and mixed feeling? "
Alice Miller en parle dans Ta vie sauvée enfin, p. 31 (traduction chez Flammarion en 2008 - je ne trouve pas le titre anglais).

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